Chemistry diaphragm vacuum pump, self-drying for moist gases, SD 820

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor

181-0094EA 1880 EUR
Chemistry diaphragm vacuum pump, self-drying for moist gases, SD 820
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Dual-head, dry running diaphragm pump with an integrated self-drying system. There is a wide range of applications for this pump in laboratories, especially whenever clean vacuum is required and moist gases must be pumped down. Examples include operation of vacuum drying chambers (for drying or heat-treating substances and components) or steam sterilisers for sterilising instruments, vessels, filters and textiles. This pump can be used in a wide range of applications due to the pump's high resistance to aggressive media. The pump includes a PTFE coated diaphragm with patented tension optimisation, which allows the pump to be smaller, and prolongs the service life of the diaphragm. The innovative self-drying system allows condensed liquid to be blown out of the pump heads at high speed during evacuation. The vacuum in the vacuum chamber remains constant. The drying cycle can be adjusted to the requirements of the individual process using three variables. After drying, the pump reaches a better vacuum and is able to evacuate significantly faster compared with pumps without a drying system.

  • Pure transfer and evacuation
  • Highly compatible with moist gases and vapours
  • Maintenance-free
  • Environmentally friendly

* Flow rate at atmospheric pressure

Delivery information: Includes the diaphragm pump with thermal switch, mains fuse, connecting cable with plug and hose connector for hose with 10 mm internal diameter.
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