Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps LABOPORT® SD

Supplier: KNF
181-3477EA 4300 EUR
181-3477 181-3472 181-3471
Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps LABOPORT® SD
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Dry running, chemically resistant, two-stage displacement pumps for neutral, highly aggressive and corrosive gases and vapours and a constant vacuum. Uncontaminated transfer of process gas. The pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications in laboratories, especially where a clean vacuum is needed and moist gases must be evacuated, e.g. vacuum drying in vacuum drying ovens (for drying or heat-treating substances and components) or in vapour sterilisers for sterilising instruments, containers, filters and textiles. Because of its high resistance to aggressive media, the pump has universal applications. The drying system makes it possible to blow condensate liquid at high speed out of the pump heads during evacuation. The vacuum in the vacuum chamber remains constant. The drying cycle can be adapted individually to the requirements of a process by means of three variables. The pumps achieve a better vacuum after drying and evacuate significantly more quickly than pumps without a drying system.

  • Flow rate up to 2.04 m³/h / Ultimate vacuum 10 mbar abs.
  • Integrated KNF self-drying system ensures that condensate is quickly removed from the pump heads without the vacuum being altered. This significantly reduces process time and preserves the pump heads.
  • High vapour and condensate tolerance
  • Chemically resistant, suitable for use with very aggressive and corrosive gases and vapours
  • Maintenance-free
  • Environmentally friendly; the pumps use no water and so produce no contaminated waste water

Ordering information: Includes ready-to-connect, chemically resistant diaphragm vacuum pump with a mains switch, mains cable, fully automatic self-drying system and PTFE hose attachments for hoses with 12 mm internal diameter.

Caution: Flow rate at atmospheric pressure
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