Vacuum systems, chemically resistant, LABOXACT®

Supplier: KNF
189-0026EA 4240 EUR
189-0026 189-0027 189-0025
Vacuum systems, chemically resistant, LABOXACT®
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These vacuum systems are especially suitable for controlling processes in a rotary evaporator. The patented, closed system arrangement enables gentle distillation and high recovery rates of solvents even with low boiling points.

  • Gentle distillation due to a closed system
  • Reliable control of the evaporation process
  • High solvent recovery
  • Maintenance-free
  • Environmentally friendly

Delivery information: Includes the chemically resistant vacuum pump, base plate, separator, condenser, fine tuning valve, digital vacuum gauge, safety and venting valve, mains switch and mains cable.

Caution: Flow rate at atmospheric pressure
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