Baths, unstirred, Clifton, NE series


NE1-28 NE2-14D NE1-4 NE1-8 NE1-14 NE1-22 NE2-4D NE2-8D NE2-22D NE2-28D NE1-2.5 NE1-56 NE2-56D
NE1-28EA 1330 EUR
NE1-28 NE2-14D NE1-4 NE1-8 NE1-14 NE1-22 NE2-4D NE2-8D NE2-22D NE2-28D NE1-2.5 NE1-56 462-0125
Baths, unstirred, Clifton, NE series
Baths Water Baths, Unstirred
Unstirred baths with a corrosion resistant stainless steel tank and durable chemical resistant outer case.

  • Include 'low' height removable stainless steel shelf to increase working volume
  • Digital models have PID controller with LED display of actual temperature with 0,1 °C resolution
  • Built-in timer and auto setting alarms for protection on digital units
  • Control options either temperature control only or temperature and time, settings retained in memory
  • Anti-bacterial paint finish that actively inhibits bacterial growth

The heater element and sensor are concealed below the tank thereby giving a totally clear reservoir.

The analogue models have easy to use thermostatic control, graduated in 5 °C increments, with illuminated on/off switch and “heater on” indicator.

Digital baths have PID temperature control featuring adaptive tuning, providing instant control from start up automatically adjusting PID values with actual temperature readings to achieve accurate temperatures. These PID values determine the heat up rate, for the load and volume in the bath, producing negligible overshoot.

‘Optimised Control' fine-tunes PID values by optimising any potential difference between set point and actual bath liquid temperature using SMART temperature control technology.

This can be activated when necessary allowing these baths to update their PID values. All baths will operate at 100 °C but neither analogue or digital ranges are designed for continuous boiling.

Ordering information: All models are supplied with removable stainless steel perforated shelf, but without racks or lids (lids are recommended when working above 60 °C). 22, 28 and 56 litre baths are supplied with drain outlet for an accessory drain tap. Please order required accessories separately.

Caution: *RT = Ambient
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