Water purification systems, RiOs-DI™ 3

Supplier: Merck
RiOs-DI™ 3
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Water purification systems, RiOs-DI™ 3
Water Purification Systems Pure and Ultra Pure Water Systems
This easy-to-use RiOs-DI™ systems produce Type II pure water whose quality is superior to that of service DI or stills.

  • Combination of reverse osmosis (RO) technology and deionisation resins
  • Production of up to 15 L purified water per day; integrated 6 liter storage tank
  • Small footprint makes it easy to install the RiOs-DI® system wherever you want to in your lab
  • User-friendly display provides system status at a glance; the concise Quick Reference Guide is a handy guide for daily operation
  • Single SmartPak® RODI cartridge enables easy and rapid replacement
  • Available with a built-in 254 nm UV lamp to reduce the level of bacteria for critical applications

This system produces up to 10 litres per day of consistently high quality Type II water from tap water. It combines various treatment technologies including reverse osmosis and ion exchange resins, which remove all types of impurities. The integral UV lamp (on RiOs-DI™3 UV model only) is ideal for applications that require a low bacteria count.

  • Unique, easily replaceable treatment pack includes pretreatment and the reverse osmosis diaphragm
  • Easy maintenance: Only one pack to replace
  • Colour display shows resistivity, temperature and water level in the integrated reservoir
  • Integrated, compact 6 litre reservoir – connection to a 30 or 60 l reservoir is possible for higher daily needs
  • Pump support ensures a constant flow of water through the reverse osmosis diaphragm, even if water pressure is low on the supply side or the temperature falls

Water from RiOs-Di™ systems is suitable for a variety of uses, including buffer and reagent preparation; microbiological culture media preparation; and glassware rinsing.

Ordering information: The purification pack SmartPak™ (171-0752) has to be ordered with the system.
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