Ultrafiltration membrane filters, Hydrosart®

Supplier: Sartorius
SART14429-47-DEA 183 EUR
SART14429-47-D SART14429-25-D SART14429-44-D SART14439-25-D SART14439-47-D SART14459-76-D SART14459-63-D SART14459-47-D SART14459-25-D SART14429-63-D SART14439-76-D SART14429-76-D SART14439-63-D
Ultrafiltration membrane filters, Hydrosart®
Filters Membrane Filters
These membranes are highly hydrophilic and are often preferred for their high protein recovery when processing very dilute solutions.

  • Resistance to autoclaving
  • Ease of cleaning and extended chemical resistance
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