Thermoreactors, CR series

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Thermoreactors, CR series
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Thermoreactors for the determination of COD, total nitrogen or total phosphorus, ensure complete digestion of the sample and maintain the necessary high reaction temperature throughout the defined period. The most important temperatures and digestion times are stored in 8 fixed, easily selectable digestion programmes. CR 3200 and CR 4200 can be used with optional TFK CR external temperature probe, which can be used as a testing aid. It can be plugged into the interface in place of a cuvette, the set and actual temperatures can be output to either a printer or a PC, so function can not only be monitored, but also documented. Suitable for 16 mm cuvettes.

  • Rapid digestion for COD
  • CR 2200 is ideal for performing routine water analysis tests with small sample quantities
  • More specialised waste water tasks and laboratory work are easily handled by the CR 3200 or CR 4200 models
  • Multiple tests can be performed simultaneously with the CR 4200 – carry out up to 12× COD digestions (148 °C) and up to 12× total-N (120 °C)
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