Quartz microfibre filters

Supplier: Sartorius
SARTFT-3-1109-050EA 137 EUR
SARTFT-3-1109-050 SARTFT-3-1109-150 SARTFT-3-1109-085 SARTFT-3-1109-110 SARTFT-3-1109-025 SARTFT-3-1109-047 SARTFT-3-1109-037 SARTFT-3-1109-125 SARTFT-3-1109-090
Quartz microfibre filters
Filters Glass Fibre Filters
Quartz microfiber filters are free of glass fibers and binding agents.

  • Grade T 293, quartz microfiber filters unconditioned
  • Grade MK 360, quartz microfiber filters conditioned (heat pre-treated)

They are especially suited for emission monitoring at temperature of up to 900 °C and wherever filters of the highest purity are needed (such as for air monitoring according to US EPA PM 10 or trace element analyses).

Certifications: Tested and classified according to the standards EN 1822-1:2009
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