Peripheral IV catheters, BD Venflon™ Pro Safety

Supplier: BD Medical

BD Venflon™
BDAM393228EA 270 EUR
BDAM393228 BDAM394252 BDAM393222 BDAM393226 BDAM393224 BDAM394257
Peripheral IV catheters, BD Venflon™ Pro Safety
These IV cannulas with polyurethane catheter and injection port are designed to access the peripheral veins of the patient’s blood system for re-hydration, parenteral nutrition, medication delivery, blood transfusion and monitoring purposes.

  • For single use
  • Needle tip protection device is activated when the steel needle is withdrawn
  • Protection device covers the steel needle tip and protects against accidental needle stick
  • Flash Back Function: During the insertion of the cannula, blood flow is visualised by blood flash back in the hub of the cannula

The obturator protects the inner lumen of the catheter from coagulation and thrombus formation after discontinuation of infusion. The obturator is colour coded to match the corresponding catheter gauge.
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