Photographic trays, LaboPlast®

Supplier: Bürkle
BURK4207-1018EA 34 EUR
BURK4207-1018 BURK4203-1030 BURK4203-3013 BURK4207-3040 BURK4207-2030 BURK4203-3050 216-1302 BURK4202-2024 216-1303 BURK4207-1024 216-1304 BURK4202-1050 BURK4203-2024 BURK4206-2030 BURK4203-2030 BURK4207-3050 BURK4207-2040 BURK4202-2013 216-1313 BURK4202-3024 216-1314 BURK4207-1030 216-1311 216-1312 BURK4206-3040 BURK4202-2018 216-1316 BURK4202-2050 BURK4202-1040 BURK4203-2018 BURK4203-2013 BURK4203-3030 BURK4207-2050 216-1321 BURK4203-1050 BURK4206-3050 216-1322 BURK4206-2040 BURK4202-3018 BURK4207-2018 BURK4202-2040 BURK4202-1030 BURK4203-3024 BURK4203-2010 BURK4203-1040 BURK4203-2050 BURK4207-3030 216-1335 216-1333 216-1334 BURK4207-2024
Photographic trays, LaboPlast®
Trays/Dishes/Pots Laboratory Trays/Dishes
Made of PVC.

  • Thick sides, shatterproof
  • Largely resistant to acids and alkalis
  • Not suitable for temperature controlled cupboards or dishwashers
  • Temperature resistant from −30 °C up to +60 °C max.
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