pH combination electrodes, ProcessLine

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662-1700 SCOI285113565 662-1696 SCOI285114525 SCOI285114560 SCOI285114510 SCOI285114530 SCOI285114610 SCOI285114535 SCOI285114660 SCOI285114635 662-1704 SCOI285114580 SCOI285114685 662-1699 SCOI285114680 SCOI285113605 SCOI285114520 SCOI285114555 662-1701 662-1694 SCOI285113575 SCOI285114450 662-1709 662-1708 662-1710 662-1703 SCOI285114620 SCOI285114575 662-1691 662-1697 SCOI285114565 662-1706 SCOI285114505 662-1702 662-1705 SCOI285114630 SCOI285114625 SCOI285114615 662-1698 SCOI285114430 662-1711 662-1692 SCOI285113535 SCOI285114515 SCOI285114570 662-1707 SCOI285114440 SCOI285113505 SCOI285114650 SCOI285114470 SCOI285114480 662-1693 SCOI285114655 SCOI285113525 SCOI285114605 662-1695 SCOI285113515
pH combination electrodes, ProcessLine
Electrodes pH Electrodes
These electrodes are low maintenance sensors for heavy duty process applications in the chemical industry. They are ideally suitable for measuring media with extreme ionic strength − whether boiler feed water or brine − also in strongly oxidizing acid and alkali containing media.

  • Low-maintenance electrodes: no electrolyte topping up or installation of complicated pressure sequence control required
  • Pinhole diaphragms, so reference electrode is not polluted or blocked
  • Duralid electrolyte with high KCl content combines very long working life with rapid and stable measurements
  • Proven H membrane glass with very low alkali error and optimized spherical shape
  • Integrated pressure compensation cushion

PL8x models
Reference system: Duralid solid electrolyte with a high KCl content
Diaphragm: 2-hole

PL9x models
Reference system: RheoLid electrolyte with KCI storage rings
Diaphragm: PTFE
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