Glass fibre filters, VWR®

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516-0886EA 16.4 EUR
516-0886 516-0879 516-0890 516-0864 516-0870 516-0875 516-0868 516-0866 516-0887 516-0889 516-0858 516-0876 516-0865 516-0863 516-0883 516-0345 516-0348 516-0347 516-0953 516-0860 VWRU28297-510 516-0862 516-0867 516-0869 516-0881 VWRU28297-289 516-0882 516-0343 516-0344 516-0871 516-0877 516-0884 516-0859 VWRU28333-129 516-0885 516-0888 516-0872 VWRU28333-127 516-0878 516-0874 516-0861 VWRU28297-978 516-0873 516-0346
Glass fibre filters, VWR®
Filters Glass Fibre Filters
Binder-free glass fibre filters feature fast flow rates, high loading capacity, wide thermal tolerance and excellent precipitate retention.

Grade 691: Ideal for radioimmunoassy of weak beta emitters by scintillation counting and for filtration of precipitated proteins, cells and cell debris. Also used for gravimetric determination of airborne particulates and air pollution monitoring.

Grade 692: Recommended for use in filtration of suspended solids in industrial effluents and also as pre-filters for membranes.

Grade 693: Used for clarification and monitoring of suspended solids in wastewater and water and in marine chemistry to filter particulate components in sea water and in biochemistry for cell harvesting in radioimmunoassy procedures and for binders analysis.

Grade 696: Used for filtration and monitoring of air pollution and water, and also cell harvesting.

Grade 698: Due to its higher efficiency, in particle retention for smaller particles, than other glass fibre grades, 698 is suitable for the clarification of protein solutions, filtration of liquids prior to HPLC and critical applications.
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