Drum pumps, AccuOne and EnergyOne

Supplier: Bürkle
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Drum pumps, AccuOne and EnergyOne
Pumps Drum/transfer Pumps
The barrel pumps AccuOne and EnergyOne with the unique hybrid system ensure fast, flexible and convenient filling. The pumps are equipped with two different power supply systems: AccuOne, driven by a high-performance rechargeable battery or EnergyOne, with a power cable for direct connection to the electrical network. AccuOne and EnergyOne are designed for applications in which even very small amounts of liquid can be added to containers with narrow openings. They are made of high quality materials PP, PTFE and Hastelloy C, to ensure outstanding chemical resistance. This also makes them suitable for dispensing acids and bases.

  • Unique hybrid system, rechargeable battery and power supply unit are interchangeable
  • The TouchPanel features a foil keyboard sealed off against dust, dirt and water
  • Excellent residual draining and pumping capacity
  • 1 drive for several pump stations
  • Outstanding chemical resistance

The rechargeable battery or the power supply unit are fitted with a clip lock and are easily removable. The AccuOne can also be operated with the power supply cable unit and EnergyOne can be operated with the rechargeable battery. With a replacement rechargeable battery as an accessory, the user never has to wait for recharging. The drive can also be disconnected quickly and easily from the pump station with a clip lock.

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Replacement back-up battery available
Up to 600 litres of delivery volume per battery charge

Unlimited filling duration
Available with power supply unit or rechargeable battery (available as accessory)
With power supply unit and fixed discharge elbow
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