Chemically resistant diaphragm dosing pumps SIMDOS®

Supplier: KNF

KNFAFEM1.10FT18RCP 224-0184 KNFAFEM1.10TT18RCP 224-0183 KNFAFEM1.02ST18RCP 224-0187 KNFAFEM1.10KT18RCP 224-0188 KNFAFEM1.02ST.18S 224-0064 KNFAFEM1.10ST18RCP 224-0189 KNFAFEM1.10ST.18S
Chemically resistant diaphragm dosing pumps SIMDOS®
Pumps Dosing Pumps
Simple, user-friendly compact dosing pump.
Application: Metering liquids.

  • Large screen and intuitive interface with drop down menus, easy calibration
  • Single programming button
  • Adaptable to fluid characteristic
  • Pump head located externally for better protection of electronic components
  • Self-priming up to 3 mCE, can run dry
  • Dosage of 1 to 100 ml/min
  • Dose reproducibility ±1%
  • Simplified dose programming from 1 to 1000 ml
  • Dispensed volume 1 to 1000 ml
  • Maximum pressure: 6 bar
  • Maximum viscosity: 150 cS
  • Flow rate from 0,03 up to 100 ml/min
  • Pressure head 60 mWg, suction head 2 mWg and 3 mWg respectively
  • Easy exchange of the transfer diaphragm by activating the maintenance command in the operating program
  • Small footprint

Pump heads available in PP, PVDF or PTFE - diaphragms available in PTFE, valves in FFKM.

Flow rate can either be set manually (version S) or both manually and via an external control device as well as with interface RC232 (version RCP)

S version:
Manual control by rotary knob

RC version:
Controlled by rotary knob
Analogue control (0 to 10 V, 0 to 100 mA, 4 to 20 mA from 0 to 100%)
Start/stop by logical control (TTL); reset/prime by logical control (TTL)
Alarm output signal
Cable for external control included; control pedal available as an option

Ordering information: Available with pump head in different materials.
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