Absorbent granules, Chemizorb® Granules

Supplier: Merck

Chemizorb® Granules
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Absorbent granules, Chemizorb® Granules
Spill Control Materials
Chemizorb granules is a coarse grained material based on chemically-inert porous minerals or synthetic co-polymers (grain size over 1 mm (95%), bulk density of 400 kg/m³).

  • Able to absorb up to 100% of its own weight
  • Low viscosity liquids are absorbed instantaneously, highly viscous media (glycerine, oils) within a few minutes
  • Good dosing is possible thanks to the coarse grained format
  • Granule form is used in all those places where it is not suitable to use the powder form, for example, in draughty rooms or outside

It is insoluble in water and in all other media that are liquid at room temperature.

Both Chemizorb granules and Chemizorb powder are suitable for absorbing alkalis, acids and heating bath liquids.

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