HTS DNA transfection reagent, jetPEI®

Supplier: Polyplus-transfection
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101-40N 101000020. 101000053.
HTS DNA transfection reagent, jetPEI®
Transfection Reagents
jetPEI® transfection reagent is a linear polyethylenimine derivative, free of components of animal origin, providing highly effective and reproducible gene delivery, perfectly suited for High Throughput Screening applications (HTS).

  • Well-suited for adherent and suspension cells
  • Fast and efficient methods to transfect cells for HTS
  • Compatible with serum and antibiotics
  • Exceptionally reproducible results
  • Reverse, batch and forward protocols available

jetPEI® transfection reagent is particularly well suited for automated or manual HTS with three protocols available: Reverse, batch and forward.

Since 1st of September 2021 Polyplus-Tranfection changed product part numbers. Products are remaining the same and the change is only related to the product part number. New product part numbers have symbol 'New'. For duplicated products with symbol 'telephone' please be informed that it’s the same product but with previous part number which we will only offer till the end of stock.

Certifications: Polyplus-transfection® has been an ISO 9001 accredited company since 2002. Since then this certification has been successfully renewed every three years.

Every batch of jetPEI® is tested in-house by DNA transfection of HeLa cells. Transfection with a firefly Luciferase gene under the control of CMV promoter gives at least 109 RLU (relative light unit)/mg of protein. The value for each batch is indicated on the Certificate of Analysis.

Delivery information: 150 mM NaCl solution is included. 1 ml of jetPEI® transfection reagent is sufficient to perform 2000 transfections in 96-well plates.
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