Precast gels and buffers, ClearPAGE™

Supplier: CBS Scientific
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Precast gels and buffers, ClearPAGE™
Electrophoresis Gels Precast Gels
These superior quality, precast, composite polymer gels in 8×10 cm, 10×10 cm or 15×10 cm (W×L) plastic cassettes feature unique acrylamide polymer matrix for exceptional protein separations. Gels are 10X stronger than ordinary polyacrylamide gels and highly resistant to tearing. Long well fingers are fixed and extend above top of cassette for easy loading and to prevent sample cross contamination. Improved stacking allows larger sample volumes, so that 1 mm ClearPAGE cassette gels have the equivalent sensitivity to 1,5 mm gels. ClearPAGE gels in the 10×10 cm, 12-well and 17-well formats accommodate greater sample volumes that other precast polyacrylamide gels

  • Consistent sharp and clean straight bands with unsurpassed resolution
  • Strong and durable gels that won't shatter or crack upon drying
  • Simple TEO-Tricine buffer system*
  • Fast run times as low as 30 minutes
  • No comb or tape to remove shortens prep time
  • Two year shelf life, even for high percentage gels, with no deterioration of performance over time

*Note: TEO-Tricine buffers must be used with these gels.
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