Perfect DNA™ ladders

Supplier: Merck

69046-3EA 91.9 EUR
69046-3 70537-3 70538-3 70539-3 69180-3
Perfect DNA™ ladders
Electrophoresis Reagents Molecular Weight Markers
The Perfect DNA™ ladders contain sets of DNA species having convenient, easy-to-remember sizes for agarose gel analysis. The markers have uniform band intensities and cover a wide range of DNA sizes.

  • Ready-to-load format
  • Ideal for routine use

Product components:

1 ml (for Cat. No. 70538-3) or 500 µl (for Cat. Nos. 70539-3 and 70537-3) Perfect DNA™ ladder in 1X loading buffer
1 ml 6X loading buffer (for Cat. Nos. 70538-3 and 70539-3) containing Orange G, Xylene Cyanole FF and glycerol, or 6X DNA gel loading buffer (for Cat. No. 70537-3) containing Bromphenol Blue, Xylene Cyanole FF and Ficoll

Delivery information: Each vial of markers contains sufficient for 100 lanes. An extra vial of 6X loading buffer (for Cat.Nos. 70538-3 and 70539-3) or 6X DNA gel loading buffer (for Cat. No. 70537-3) is included.
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