Pellet Paint® Co-Precipitant

Supplier: Merck

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Pellet Paint® Co-Precipitant
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Pellet Paint® Co-Precipitant is a visible dye-labelled carrier formulated specifically for use in alcohol precipitation of nucleic acids. The 2-minute precipitation does not require low-temperature incubations or prolonged centrifugation. Both RNA and DNA are efficiently precipitated from even the most dilute solutions (2 ng/ml) and the pellet is easily located by its vivid pink colour. The pellet can be easily followed during washing steps and this prevents losses during handling and ensures thorough pellet re-suspension.

  • Suitable for the rapid, quantitative precipitation of DNA and RNA, including PCR clean-up and template preparation
  • Compatible with most molecular biology procedures and free of contaminating nucleic acids and nucleolytic enzymes
  • Although Pellet Paint absorbs in the UV range, accurate spectrophotometric measurements of DNA or RNA samples are possible using the absorbance ratio provided as a correction factor when determining nucleic acid concentration
  • Compatible with Cy5®-based automated sequencers

Most PCR applications benefit from a clean-up step in which primers and other reactants are removed and the target DNA is concentrated. Pellet Paint Co-Precipitant is ideal for this purpose because the procedure is rapid, primers <50 nt in length are efficiently removed, and the DNA is quantitatively recovered. Furthermore, it is easy to tell when the DNA has been completely re-suspended following the precipitation step.
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