Laboratory glass cleaner, deconex® 24 LIQ

Supplier: Borer Chemie
502000.00-K10M 502000.00-K25M 502000.00-KK5M
148-5255EA 282 EUR
148-5255 148-5256 DECO502000.00-KK5M
Laboratory glass cleaner, deconex® 24 LIQ
Cleaning Agents Detergents and Surface Cleansers
Liquid, highly alkaline cleaning concentrate for automated cleaning of laboratory glassware und reusable laboratory material.

  • Rinsable without residues and guarantees therefore consistent and error-free results
  • With a broad cleaning spectrum
  • Perfect results even at low concentrations
  • High cleaning performance due to excellent dispersing capabilities
  • Contains active chlorine as a cleaning booster
  • EDTA-, NTA- and tensidfree, no release of surfactants into waste water
  • Rinsing with an acidic borer® cleaner is recommended as the completion of the cleaning process
  • Technical support from the manufacturer and distributor
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