VWR® INCU-Line® IL 10, IL 23, IL 56, Digital Incubators

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VWR® INCU-Line® IL 10, IL 23, IL 56, Digital Incubators
Incubators Compact Benchtop Incubators
IL 10, IL 23 and IL 56 digital incubators offer an economical and space saving solution for microbiology or haematology applications. The temperature can be freely adjusted in increments of 0,1 °C up to a maximum of 70 °C. Heating elements are incorporated into the housing base and walls to ensure temperature stability and uniformity. The IL 10 is available with a transparent Plexiglas® window to provide full visibility or a painted, opaque Plexiglas® window to protect photosensitive samples. IL 23 and IL 56 come as standard with a transparent Plexiglas® window. The housing and door frame are constructed entirely of epoxy coated mild steel.

  • Compact design (IL 10: 0,08 m²; IL 23: 0,12 m²; IL 56: 0,19 m²)
  • Digital PID control with PT100 sensor and LED display, temperature control can be readjusted with a certified reference temperature measuring instrument
  • Easy to use, safe and reliable

Delivery information: IL 10 is supplied with one perforated stainless steel shelf, IL 23 and and IL 56 are supplied with two. The IL 10 can, optionally, be loaded with up to two specially designed aluminium tube racks for vertical incubation of a maximum of 24 dip slide tubes. All units are supplied with a standard test certificate (measuring point centre of chamber) data is measured at 37 °C.

Caution: * Measured with the chamber empty.
UK customers only: Please add RSCOA50505000 free of charge to the order.
Note: These incubators are not designed to meet the FD X 15-140 standard.
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