CO₂ incubator, Midi 40

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
390-0456EA 6340 EUR
CO₂ incubator, Midi 40
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The Midi 40 CO₂ incubator is designed specifically for people who require a compact culturing workspace to handle small workloads, perform personal use applications, or have limited workspace. The unit has the same performance and capabilities as full sized incubators and is a good solution to avoid shared-use environments that can present potential contamination risk through unnecessary sample handling and repeated door openings.

  • Cost-effective dedicated incubator space which prevents cross contamination
  • Removable water reservoir provides up to 95% RH with short recovery times that promote optimal cell growth
  • Even heat distribution to all sides of the chamber for highly efficient heating control
  • Standard RS485 signal output

The design features a heated inner glass door which prevents condensation, a non-porous silicon gasket maintains the chamber integrity. Units have a weldless stainless steel chamber for easy cleaning. This unit can be stacked because of its reinforced cabinet. The advanced IntrLogic™ II microprocessor has a bright digital display and intuitive touch pad for simplified entry of temperature, CO₂ and alarm data, with keyed set point switch to prevent unauthorised changes to the operating parameters. Unit has audible and visual alarm functions, precise and reliable CO₂ control featuring an accurate thermal conductivity sensor.

Delivery information: Supplied with four perforated stainless steel shelves.
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