HERAcell® i CO₂ Incubators

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific

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HERAcell® i CO₂ Incubators
Incubators CO₂ Incubators
HERAcell® i series CO₂ incubators provide stable, accurately monitored growth conditions offering excellent protection against contamination for valuable cell and tissue cultures. Extremely short CO₂ and temperature recovery times enhance cell growth. They are available in two practical sizes and two inner chamber designs; non-corrosive stainless steel or 100% antimicrobial solid copper (to verifiably prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi by natural means). As standard, models are supplied with high quality thermal conductivity (TC) sensors.

  • Optimum growth cultures thanks to secure and stable incubation conditions
  • Large, directly heated water reservoir provides recovery times that are up to five times faster than conventional water pans to minimise culture desiccation
  • Fan-assisted circulation provides more efficient circulation of critical temperature, gas and humidity conditions to provide healthy, uniform cells. These standardised conditions contribute to less variation and more reproducible results
  • Exclusive ContraCon high temperature decontamination routine - a 90 °C moist heat disinfection cycle. Independent third party tests prove elimination of biological contaminants including fungal mould, vegetative and spore forms of bacteria, including mycoplasma
  • Cultures protected from drying out by fast humidity recovery times

Features iCAN™ (Interactive Control Access Navigator) controller, enables users to obtain historical performance by parameter upon request, for user-specified time periods, to allow greater research results. Also logs all user interactions with the incubator (e.g. door openings, parameter changes), facilitating the identification of important changes in the culture environment. The control is fitted on the door to ensure it is easily accessible and clearly visible. Choice of several languages. Any changes made to the cultivation conditions are displayed directly via protocols and user recordings on the screen. Glass doors have safety interlocks, which ensure that the inner doors are not left open accidentally. Units have a large, directly heated water reservoir as well as up to five times quicker humidity recovery times than conventional incubators with a water tank. Audible and visual alarms when water level is low.

Accessories information: IR-CO₂ sensor (dual-beam infrared sensor) is recommended if the temperature and humidity change frequently (e.g. if the door is opened frequently for access) a dual-beam infrared (IR) sensor is recommended as a factory fitted option. The IR sensor is unaffected by the effects of humidity and heat. Optional O₂ control unit is also available with two kind of O₂ control ranges and Auto-Cal automatic calibration for applications that require hypoxic or hyperoxic conditions. The iONGUARD™ antimicrobial silver matrix is designed to inhibit the growth of biological contaminants on stainless steel chambers and helps protect precious cells while maintaining their appearance.
Along with 100% pure copper interiors, there is a choice of the best surface contamination prevention technologies available.

Delivery information: All units are supplied with three stainless steel or solid copper shelves. Please contact Avantor for details.
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