Multi-wavelength Abbe refractometers

Supplier: Atago
ATAG1415EA 18450 EUR
ATAG1415 ATAG1410 ATAG1414 ATAG1412
Multi-wavelength Abbe refractometers
Refractometers Benchtop Refractometers
These multi-wavelength Abbe refractometers can measure refractive index or Abbe number ([nu]d or [nu]e) at different wavelengths.

A calibration certificate and compatible digital printer are available.

The units display measurement results on the display.

Delivery information: Supplied with a test piece (refractive index point), 4 ml of monobromonaphthalene, an Allen wrench, a lighting glass, one 589 nm interference filter, one 546 nm interference filter, ten tube bands, a spare bulb and an instruction manual. DR-M2/1550 and DR-M4/1550 come with a near infrared ray viewer, mounting adapter and set screw, monochromatic light source device, a test piece (refractive index point). DR-M4 and DR-M4/1550 also include 4 ml of methylene iodide-containing sulfur solution.
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