Salt meter, SSX 210-Set

Supplier: EBRO
EBRO1340-5211EA 447 EUR
Salt meter, SSX 210-Set
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The SSX 210 salt meter is used to measure the salt content in semi-solid food products, such as meat, cold cuts, cheese, salads etc. To achieve this, the electrical conductivity is measured, since this is dependent on the salt content.

  • Measurement of the relative salt content of food products (meat, sausages, ham, cheese, salads)
  • Allows consistent taste
  • Easy operation
  • Handy and robust thanks to ABS housing
  • Automatic deactivation after 5 minutes
  • Operating temperature: +10 to +40 °C

It is important that the medium to be measured also has a water component. This means that salt measurements cannot be completed in pure oil (does not contain water). Every dish requires a specific salt content to ensure proper taste. The taste of each dish is different, however, which means that the user must prepare his or her own salt content table. If, for example, it is determined that the optimal seasoning of cured ham yields a value of 86, all further hams can be cured and seasoned until they reach this value.

Compatible sensors: 2-conductor-measuring probe with gold-plated electrodes

Ordering information: Supplied with case and 2-conductor-measuring probe with gold-plated electrodes and silicone probe cable.
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