Salt meter, PAL-SALT / PAL-SALT Mohr

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Salt meter, PAL-SALT / PAL-SALT Mohr
Electrochemical Meters Salinity Meters
These salt meters utilise the electric conductivity method and require no reagent solutions. They feature a funnel-shaped sensor section which measures the salinity in a solution of soluble materials.

  • Quick and easy: Simply drop the diluted sample solution onto the sensor section, the result is visible after 3 seconds
  • No expensive and harmful chemical is involved in the measurement process
  • Water resistant (IP 65): Units can be cleaned under running water
  • Offset function allows for readings to be compensated based on known standards
  • Comply with HACCP, GMP, and GLP system standards

PAL-SALT Mohr: This meter gives a reading similar to those obtained from the Mohr’s method (titration). It measures the distilled water diluted sample to 10 times (by weight) and indicates the salt concentration in percentages (g/100 ml) of the former sample before dilution.

PAL-SALT: Ideal for use at restaurants and school cafeterias, as well as for the nourishment guidance in hospitals, and as teaching material at schools.
PAL-Salt Mohr: Ideal for quality control in food production processes. Typical samples include: Soups, sauces, ketchup, dressings.
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