Instrument for milk analysis, LactoStar

Supplier: Funke-Gerber
224-0084EA 5920 EUR
Instrument for milk analysis, LactoStar
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LactoStar is the big brother of the LactoFlash. It measures fat, protein, lactose, SNF (Solids Non Fat), minerals and calculates the freezing point and density of the milk. The LactoStar uses a 12 ml sample of milk and passes it through thermal and optical sensors to get the results. Up to 30 samples can be processed per hour. The instrument has 3 pumps: The measuring pump, the rinsing pump and the cleaning pump, which are connected to the corresponding canister.

  • Sample capacity of up to 90/h
  • Menu is available in many different languages including English, French, German and Spanish
  • User friendly display
  • Easy to calibrate
  • The pump head can be replaced easily without the use of tools
  • Automatic maintenance: Rinsing, cleaning and zero point calibration

The devices can store 20 different sets of calibration data. Various types of milk, e.g. full-cream milk, skim milk, cream, etc. can be analysed. The user can change from one product to another without having to undertake a new calibration.

Measurement principle: The milk sample is sucked into the measuring cells by means of a pump. Both the fat content as well as the SNF are determined by using thermal measurement effects (RedBox). Protein, lactose, density and minerals are determined in addition with the aid of a second measuring cell that is equipped with a combined impedance/turbidity sensory technology by using 4 different optical wavelengths (BlueBox). The freezing point is calculated on the basis of the measured values that are ascertained.
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