Magnetic stirring bars, oval

Supplier: Cowie
COWI001.650.REEA 20.3 EUR
COWI001.650.RE COWI001.625.RE 442-0126 COWI001.640.13 COWI001.620.RE COWI001.664.RE COWI001.635.RE COWI001.610.RE COWI001.640.RE COWI001.615.RE 442-0122 442-0123 442-0124 COWI001.6100 442-0125 COWI001.6150
Magnetic stirring bars, oval
Stirrers Magnetic Stirring Bars
PTFE covered. For stirrers with rare earth magnetic core the magnetic attraction is 1,5 to 2 times stronger than conventional stirrers. The magnetic core is made from a combination of samarium and cobalt. The rare earth stirrers will continue to function at full strength for many years as the magnetism remains for longer.

  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Temperature resistant, suitable for use at high and low temperatures (−200 to +280 °C)
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