illustra™ GenomiPhi™ HY DNA Amplification Kits

Supplier: Cytiva
25-6600-25EA 18600 EUR
25-6600-25 25-6600-22 25-6600-20
illustra™ GenomiPhi™ HY DNA Amplification Kits
Nucleic Acid Reagents Isothermal Amplification Reagents
The illustra™ GenomiPhi™ HY DNA Amplification Kit is part of the Phi29 DNA polymerase family of products. It contains all of the components necessary for genomic DNA preparation by isothermal strand displacement amplification. The product protocol is very simple, and provides typical yields of 40 to 50 μg DNA and average product lengths 10 kb. The starting material for GenomiPhi reactions can be purified DNA or non purified cell lysates.

  • Midi-scale genomic DNA preparation (40 to 50 μg) from nanograms of source material
  • Less hands-on time compared to traditional isolation methods
  • Simple, automation-friendly protocol with great reproducibility
  • Representative amplification of the whole genome
  • High quality DNA for array CGH, high throughput genotyping, DNA archival, PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, hybridisation, and cloning
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