Test sieves with stainless steel frame

Supplier: Haver & Boecker
HAVE523111EA 138 EUR
HAVE523111 HAVE521099 HAVE521858 HAVE522985 HAVE520724 HAVE520801 HAVE521658 HAVE520927 HAVE523003 HAVE522630 HAVE521146 HAVE520895 HAVE520971 HAVE590184 HAVE145147-01 HAVE520856 HAVE521703 HAVE520933 HAVE526639 HAVE521108 HAVE521789 510-0483 510-0484 HAVE520818 510-0482 HAVE521153 HAVE526645 HAVE526520 510-0469 HAVE520864 HAVE521115 HAVE520988 HAVE590571 510-0472 510-0473 HAVE516755 510-0474 510-0475 HAVE520748 510-0476 HAVE522806 510-0477 510-0478 510-0470 510-0471 HAVE523020 HAVE527585 HAVE526575 HAVE521689 HAVE520832 510-0464 510-0465 510-0467 510-0468 HAVE145325-01 HAVE590765 HAVE523071 HAVE527199 HAVE515978
Test sieves with stainless steel frame
Sieves Test Sieves
These test sieves are suitable both for hand sieving as for dry and wet sieving with all Haver test sieve shakers. Bulk material of different branches can be classified and separated with these test sieves; industrial rocks and minerals, food, glass, ceramic, granulates, powders, fertilizer, etc.

  • Smooth surface of frames prevents cross-contamination
  • Sieve fabric retains its tension very well even after intensive use
  • Compatibility with equivalent test sieves manufactured in accordance with current standards

Stainless steel frame with woven wire cloth or robust plates with square perforations

Certifications: According to ISO 565, DIN ISO 3310, ASTM E 11, BS 410, AFNOR, NEN 2560, ISO 5223 etc.
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