Needle array electrodes, AgilePulse™

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Needle array electrodes, AgilePulse™
Electrodes Electroporation Electrodes
AgilePulse™ needle array electrodes are miniature needles designed to provide superior, highly uniform electric fields in dermal or muscular tissue as part of the AgilePulse™ in vivo ID (intra dermal) or IM (intra muscular) gene delivery electroporation system.

  • Uniform, reliable electric fields
  • Miniature needles minimise tissue trauma
  • Medical-grade plastic and surgical steel construction
  • Safety-assured design
  • Multiple configurations and sizes available

Applications for these electrodes include intra-dermal DNA vaccine research and antibody production, cancer chemotherapy research or intra-muscular gene therapy.

The miniature parallel needle array is inserted directly into the target site for fast, reliable in vivo electroporation. The electric fields produced are the closest approximation to parallel plate electrodes, treating approximately 80% of the target area with 95% of the applied electric field. Several needle lengths and row spacing are available for various intra-dermal or intra-muscular applications. Needle arrays can be used for up to 500 pulses with proper care and maintenance.

Delivery information: The needle array requires the needle array handle, which includes the electrode connector cable. The needle array handle must be ordered separately.
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