Incubators with dual convection, Heratherm®, Advanced Protocol Security


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Incubators with dual convection, Heratherm®, Advanced Protocol Security
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Heratherm® Advanced Protocol Security incubators feature adjustable forced convection which allows the user to select the fan speed from 0 up to 100%. Air speed can be adjusted to give optimum airflow depending on the application. These units are recommended for a wide range of demanding laboratory applications as well as food and beverage and pharmaceutical stability testing. The incubators have a smooth stainless steel inner chamber with easy to clean, rounded corners. Units feature an internal glass door, allowing samples to be viewed without impacting on temperature stability, a lockable outer door restricts access. Units can be stacked on top of each other to save space, no tools or stacking devices are required.

  • Decontamination routine reduces risk of cross-contamination; cycle at 140 °C is certified by an accredited microbiological institute (IBFE)
  • Intuitive user interface with large vacuum fluorescent display for easy temperature setting
  • Lockable outer door and audible alarm if door left open provide extra security and restrict access
  • Fitted as standard with RS232 interface and 42 mm access port to enable insertion of sensors for independent data monitoring

Due to decontamination cycle at 140 °C, contaminating microorganisms are reduced to a minimum, which is comparable to sterilisation within a six hour cycle. No need for separate autoclaving of interior fittings. Sample safety is enhanced with automatic over- and under-temperature alarm to protect samples and incubator. The advanced digital timer can turn the unit off at a specific time - can be used to interrupt cell growth at a specified time: Choose from real time or hour settings. Unit is switched on and off at specified time - no wasted energy when unit is not in use. Units have a connection for optional sample sensor which measures exact sample temperature and this is shown separately on display.

Delivery information: Supplied with two perforated stainless steel shelves. A wide range of options and accessories are available, including optional sample sensor and shelves for various applications. Factory fitted options include left-hinged door, and additional access ports - please enquire for details.

Caution: *Note spatial variation is slightly higher with fan off - this mode will reduce samples drying out.
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