Cooled incubators, crystal growth, Rumed 3000 series

IBSA3201/R IBSA3001/R IBSA3101
Cooled incubators, crystal growth, Rumed 3000 series
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The Rumed 3000 series can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of the user by adding the corresponding accessories: Programme control, lighting and humidity. However, because Rumed incubators are so well constructed, and are virtually free from vibrations, they are ideal for growing crystals, there are also many other areas of application, such as microbiology, bacteriology, seed research, zoology, botany, pharmacy and the electronics industry. The exterior housing of the Rumed 3000 series consists of white painted, zinc-plated steel.

  • Temperature control from 0 to +50 °C
  • Simple programming and operation
  • Solid construction
  • Many options available including: Calibration and validation, lighting and humidity control

A particularly efficient insulation is achieved by high-quality CFC-free polyurethane foam, so that the preset temperature can be kept constant with minimum energy usage. The internal chamber of the cabinets is constructed from shock-resistant plastic material, which is easy to clean and has a smooth surface and rounded edges and corners. The door can be opened 180° to enable access to the whole of the interior space. If observation of specimens is desired, the cabinets can be equipped with a glass door (option). A PVC-coated magnetic strip mounted on the door seals the cabinet completely.

As standard, these incubators offer single set-point temperature control and simple photoperiod (if optional lighting is selected). Seventy-stage programming and continuous light intensity control are optionally available for those requiring greater control and flexibility. Variation in temperature within the cabinets is virtually eliminated due to the low mass of the heater. It is situated directly in front of the recirculating fan, which, along with the solid state relay, allows for extremely accurate and precise temperature control. The compressor runs quietly and efficiently and is largely free from vibrations.

Delivery information: All models are supplied with plastic-laminated wire shelves. Maximum load per shelf: 40 kg (models 3001 and 3101); 50 kg (model 3201). Additional shelves are available, as well as factory fitted glass doors and lighting options. Please contact us before ordering for details of the other options available, including timers, fan speed control, internal sockets, access ports, volt-free contacts, interfaces, software and calibration/validation. A humidifier option is available. An evaporation unit is installed in the chamber and the relative humidity is displayed on the front panel. This option is only recommended if high humidity is needed and precision is not required.

Caution: * Other shelves are available for units with lighting, please enquire for details.
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