Volumetric flasks, class A, clear

3.664.016.BL 3.664.00214.BL 3.664.002.BL 3.664.00314.BL 3.664.003.BL 3.664.006.BL 3.664.011.BL 3.664.012.BL 3.664.015.BL 3.664.020.BL 3.664.025.BL 3.664.050.BL 3.664.100.BL 3.664.200.BL 3.664.00114.BL 3.664.00214
613-4325EA 33.7 EUR
613-4325 WITG3.664.00214.BL WITG3.664.002.BL WITG3.664.00314.BL WITG3.664.003.BL WITG3.664.006.BL WITG3.664.011.BL WITG3.664.012.BL WITG3.664.015.BL WITG3.664.020.BL WITG3.664.025.BL WITG3.664.050.BL WITG3.664.100.BL WITG3.664.200.BL WITG3.664.00114.BL WITG3.664.00214
Volumetric flasks, class A, clear
Flasks Volumetric Flasks
Borosilicate glass 3.3, with PE stopper.

  • DE-M marked according to the German calibration law
  • Inclusive batch certificate

Certifications: Tolerance according to DIN EN ISO 1042
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