HF perfusion filters, CultureGard®

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HF perfusion filters, CultureGard®
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CultureGard® HF perfusion hollow fibre sterilising grade filter for cell culture perfusion. Made with 0,2 µm MWCO DynaFibre® membrane that permits the flow of culture medium while preventing the introduction of foreign microbials.

  • These specialised filters have a large surface area for faster flow rates under lower pressures
  • Lower pressure during filtration reduces the risk of the membrane clogging or rupturing
  • The DynaFibre® membrane is hydrophilic so there is minimum hold-up volume
  • PP vent fibre prevents air lock
  • Inlet/outlet connection: Female luer-Lok® (FLL) /male luer-Lok (MLL)

The combination of faster flow rates and minimum hold-up volume makes CultureGard® the ideal filters for adding even the most viscous nutrients, like 6 M glucose or media with serum, to hollow fibre or stirred tank bioreactors. Nutrients can be easily added to a culture without a syringe and septum.
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