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Tubes Dialysis Tubes
Tube‐O‐Reactor™, Micro, for 20 to 250 µl samples or Medi for 0,2 to 2 ml samples.

The Tube‐O‐Reactor™ is a simple reactor-device for performing a wide variety of reactions including crosslinking, modification, and labeling of proteins and nucleic acids. Most reactions involve three critical steps ‐ equilibration of reaction conditions for efficient reaction, reaction with target specific agents, and then removal of un-reacted agents and bi‐products, followed by recovery of the reaction products. Tube‐O-Reactor™ has been designed to perform all three critical steps of any such reaction with minimum user interventions or hands‐on efforts, which uses only an ordinary laboratory shaker.

The Tube‐O‐Reactor™ consists of a sealed reaction chamber box provided with Tube‐O-Dialyzer™ and dialysis assemblies (includes micro-dialysis cups, floats and stirring balls) in one kit. Each Tube‐O-Reactor™ is suitable for 5 separate reactions, per sample volume of Micro or Medi size. Additional Tube‐O‐Dialyzer™ can be purchased separately. 
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