Genomic Tube-O-Dialyzer™

Supplier: G-Biosciences
786-142-45MCEA 378 EUR
Genomic Tube-O-Dialyzer™
Tubes Dialysis Tubes
Genomic Tube‐O‐DIALYZER™ (0.45µm). 

Genomic Tube‐O‐DIALYZER™ allows dialysis of small genomic-DNA samples without taking the sample out of the tube and eliminates loss. A simple design converts a sample tube into a dialyzer– Genomic Tube‐O-DIALYZER™ in which the tube cap is adapted with a dialysis membrane. Invert the Genomic‐Tube‐O‐DIALYZER™ in a dialysis tank and dialyze your samples. Salts and other molecules rapidly exchange across the dialysis membrane mounted on the cap. When dialysis is complete, spin the tube for a brief 5 seconds and collect 100% of your sample. Sample collection by spinning allows clean and 100% recovery. There is no left over sample as in a dialysis bags. After dialysis, replace the dialyzing cap with a Tube‐O‐Dialyzer™ Cap (MEDI) supplied with each kit for storage of the sample. Genomic Tube‐O‐DIALYZER™ is supplied with 0.45µm size membrane, which allows rapid removal of impurities, RNA, small fragment DNA etc. and retains only genomic DNA.
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