Hardened qualitative filter papers, standard grades, MN 1670, MN 1672 and MN 1674

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Hardened qualitative filter papers, standard grades, MN 1670, MN 1672 and MN 1674
Filters Filter Papers Qualitative Filter Paper
Wet-strengthened analytical filter papers are made of refined pulp and linters and feature a content of α-cellulose of more than 95%. The smooth surface of these papers allows fibre-free filtration.

  • High wet-strength
  • For strongly acidic and basic media

Due to their high mechanical strength in wet condition they are particularly suited for applications, where the residue is removed from the filter with a spatula or a jet of water.

Grade MN 1670 is the fastest quantitative hardened filter paper with highest flow rate. It is used for example in filtration of samples with coarse or gelatinous particles.

Grade MN 1672 is a general purpose, hardened filter paper with medium speed and medium retention. It is used where high wet strength is needed in routine filtrations.

Grade MN 1674 is an ashless, slow filter paper with very fine particle retention. Standard hardened paper for filtrations of fine precipitates like barium sulphate or metastannic acid.
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