HPLC columns, Accucore™ XL C18 and XL C8

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
554-2267EA 532 EUR
554-2267 554-2266 554-2256 554-2263 554-2246 554-2268 554-2249 554-2240 554-2245 554-2262 554-2260 554-2239 554-2250 554-2244 554-2261 554-2265 554-2254 554-2248 554-2264
HPLC columns, Accucore™ XL C18 and XL C8
Chromatography Columns
Based on Core Enhanced Technology, using 4 µm solid core particles, these columns allow users of conventional HPLC methods to enjoy performance far beyond that of columns packed with 5, 4 or even 3 μm fully porous particles. Very high separation efficiencies, using standard HPLC instruments and conditions, provide increased peak resolution and lower limits of detection. An ultra-stable packed bed results in exceptionally robust columns that demonstrate excellent retention and response reproducibility.

Accucore™ XL C18: Optimum retention of non polar compounds. Hydrophobic interaction mechanism. Separates a broad range of analytes.

Accucore™ XL C8: Similar selectivity to C18 with lower retention. Recommended for analytes with moderate hydrophobicity.
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