Size exclusion chromatography sorbents, Toyopearl®

Supplier: Tosoh Bioscience
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Size exclusion chromatography sorbents, Toyopearl®
Chromatography Sorbents HPLC Sorbents
Toyopearl resins can be used in organic solvents or mixtures of organic solvents and water. The compatibility of DMF with Toyopearl also permits the separation of hydrophobic substances such as polystyrenes.

  • Removal of surfactants such as Triton® X-100 from biological solutions by an adsorption mechanism
  • Use in hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) for the separation of very hydrophobic molecules
  • Suitable for HIC separations as a guard column for hydrophobic impurities
  • Used as a stationary phase for either normal or reversed phase separations depending on solvent system selected

The Toyopearl HW-type resins are commonly used in size exclusion chromatography and desalting applications.
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