Inlet liners

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
HEWL5190-3166EA 1210 EUR
HEWL5190-3166 HEWL5190-3167 HEWL5183-4713 HEWL5183-4711 HEWL19251-60540 HEWLSG092005 HEWL5183-4702 HEWL5183-4691 HEWL5183-4706 HEWL5183-4712 HEWL5183-4705 HEWL5190-7020 HEWL18740-80190 HEWL5183-4647 HEWLG1544-80730 HEWL5190-4048 HEWL5183-4707 HEWL5190-3165 HEWL5181-8818 HEWL5190-3170 HEWL5190-2296 HEWL5183-4693 HEWL5181-3315 HEWL5190-7012 HEWL18740-80200 548-0707 HEWLG1544-80550 HEWL5190-7045 HEWL210-3003-5 HEWL5190-2293 HEWL5190-2294 HEWL5183-4694 HEWL5190-3164 HEWL5190-6168 HEWL5182-9751 HEWL5190-3172 HEWL5190-7014 HEWL5188-5366 HEWL5190-4056 HEWL5190-3169 HEWL210-4004-5 HEWL5183-4696 HEWL5183-2036 HEWL5190-4006 HEWL5183-4701 HEWL18740-80220 HEWL5183-4703 HEWL5188-5311 HEWL5190-3168 HEWL5190-3173 HEWL5190-3983 HEWL5190-1426 HEWL5183-4710 HEWL5190-4007 HEWL5190-2295 HEWL5183-4704 HEWL5181-3316 HEWL5183-4709 HEWL5188-5313 HEWL5190-7013 HEWL5190-2292 HEWL5180-4168 HEWL5188-5398 HEWL5183-2037 HEWL5190-7011 HEWL210-4022-5 HEWL5183-4708 HEWL5188-5397 HEWL5188-5356 HEWLG1544-80731 HEWL5188-5396 HEWL5190-4047 HEWL5190-3163 HEWL5062-3587 HEWL5183-2038 HEWL5183-4700 HEWL210-3003 HEWLG1544-80700 HEWL5183-4692 HEWL5190-3162 HEWL5183-4695 HEWL5180-4173 HEWL5190-3171 HEWL5183-4699 HEWL5181-3316I HEWL5190-2297
Inlet liners
Chromatography Supplies Chromatography Inlet Liners
These inlet liners prevent adsorption and ensure accurate sample transfer onto the GC column through a robust deactivated surface. These liners are recommended for trace level analysis of active analytes. Liners with inert wool retain non-volatiles, prolonging column life and lowering frequency of MS source maintenance.

  • Consistent high level of inertness
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