Cooled incubators, Series 2

Supplier: LMS
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Cooled incubators, Series 2
Incubators Cooled Incubators
LMS Series 2 cooled incubators are temperature controlled cabinets with fan assisted air circulation via a pre-mixing chamber. The units have a white enamelled sheet steel exterior, high impact plastic interior and polyurethane foam insulation, and feature a door lock and magnetic door gasket. The corrosion resistant inner chamber is easy to clean, disinfection procedures are detailed in the user manual.

  • Easy to use controls with digital display of actual temperature on the standard controller or display of both set point and actual temperature on the programmable controllers
  • Hermetically sealed refrigeration system, and suppressed RF and TV electronics
  • Full PID heating and cooling control to ensure stable internal temperature
  • Safety features include a preset 70 °C cutout for cabinet protection
  • Heating time from 20 to 45 °C in 30 min, cooling time from 20 to 0 °C in 50 min, subject to load and ambient temperature

Controls are recessed in the control panel, to avoid accidental alteration. Full PID heating and cooling control, indicator for high temperature safety cutout. They are ideal for studying growth patterns of plants and insects, BOD tests, seed germination, tissue culture, enzyme testing, fruit fly culture, sample storage and product shelf life tests.

The programmable option for LMS Series 2 cooled incubators (denoted by NP) is designed to offer the highest functionality and enables the user to set up and run complex processes relying on accurate temperature control. The programmer function is able to control applications needing set point changes over time, e.g. ramp changes where a gradual rate of change can be set or step changes which are instantaneous. These can be separated by soak periods during which the process is held at a constant value. Each individual time interval of the program, or segment, together with its associated moving set point value, can be stored as a unique program. Via use of 'event outputs' control of interior illumination and/or alarm function is also available. At the end of a sequence, a program can be arranged to repeat (or loop), either a specified number of cycles, or continuously. For safety reasons, three modes of recovery from power failure are available. These either automatically restart the program from the beginning, continue it from where it stopped or hold it, waiting for a user restart. Finally, chart recorder, data logging and configuration software for Windows is available as optional extras. This software is designed to operate to program all functions of the controller and to data log the recorded process signals, including chart recorder for on screen viewing of trends, virtual instrument display, on screen alarm displays and remote set point adjustment.

'A' denotes dual temperature cycling models, "NP" denotes programmable models. The only difference is the programmable controller, all other specifications are the same for all types of models.

* Internal dimensions shown below are maximum dimensions, internal usable space will be less due to space occupied by refrigeration and airflow systems. Please note that with the maximum number of shelves fitted in a cabinet, there is only a 25 mm gap between each shelf.

Ordering information: Supplied with white plastic coated wire shelves and self evaporating condensate drip tray. An extensive range of accessories and factory fitted options such as, units with automatic defrost, interior programmable fluorescent/UV lighting, inner perspex door, manual high/low temperature alarms (audible and visible) with safety cutout, built in chart recorder, temperature programmers, temperature controllers with RS485 interface and access ports are available on request. Optional conformance certificate and on site UKAS accreditation of laboratory equipment are available on request, please enquire for further details. Please note; if your application involves Drosophila, a modification for aggressive environments is recommended. Please contact your local Avantor office before placing your order.
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