Capillary columns, OPTIMA® FFAP

MANA726344.25EA 924 EUR
MANA726344.25 MANA726116.30 MANA726341.60 MANA726346.25 MANA726341.25 MANA726116.50 MANA726344.50 MANA726180.10 MANA726341.50 MANA726116.60 MANA726116.25 MANA726345.30 MANA726344.30 MANA726341.30
Capillary columns, OPTIMA® FFAP
Chromatography Columns
Polar GC phase.

  • Ideal for fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs), free carboxylic acids
  • Maximum temperature for isothermal operation 250 °C (0,53 mm ID columns: 220 °C)
  • Maximum temperature for short isotherms in a temperature program 260 °C (0,53 mm ID columns: 240 °C)

Polyethylene glycol 2-nitroterephthalate phase.

USP code: G35 / close equivalent to G25.
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